Guide to Selecting Winning Essay Topics

For every research paper in all schools, the first thing that a student must do is to try to understand the assignment he has. If the student does not do this, he will experience a lot of difficulty approaching the question. Another problem caused by not understanding the question is that the student will waste a great deal of time writing wrong answers. It is not the time for students to shy away, but this is when students approach their instructors if they have any burning questions about the assignment. Once you understand the topic, you will focus your mind on other parts of the assignment, i.e., selecting a topic and identifying your audience.

Challenging moments

Students will often encounter two or more challenges when selecting a good topic for their research. There is that situation when the instructor gives the students a variety of topics to choose from. For it is not hard to choose a topic since the topics are already there. But you have to select a topic that you have an interest in. all these topics that the lecturer has given you to choose from are credible, so whatever topic you choose is fine. Many students who are researching for the first time find this method very easy because they do not have to stress their minds to find topics that are best suited for them. It also cuts down the time taken to come with the topics.

This kind of method topic assignment is also limiting at some point. Because the topics may not suit the student’s interests, if you have such a problem, you should go to the lecturer and explain your problem to him in a respectful manner. You can give him your list of topics and ask him if your topics are appropriate for the assignment. Remember that your research knowledge is still low, and the instructor’s knowledge is more advanced than yours. So there may be reasons for selecting the topics. Trust that your instructor has good interests for you. If your instructor selects one of the topics you have well and good, but if he refused to accept the topics, then do not be angry with the instructor but rather select another one from the instructor’s list that you may interest in.

Another situation can be when the instructor gives you a research assignment, and then you have to look for s topic yourself. When the instructor does this, the students have to be very vigilant in selecting the topic because they have to be very credible and valid. For every student who is doing a course or studying, they have to put in their minds that instructors also give assignments without giving them the topics. When you have that theory in mind, you can start brainstorming on the topics you think you are interested in. Do not worry that you do not know about selecting the desired research topic because being experienced in research requires hard work and patience.

Methods of coming up with a topic

There is no need to panic here. To overcome this part, one needs to think early because when you think early, there is a high chance that you will start early. If students begin to brainstorm about the topics they intend to do early, it gives them enough time to come up with as many topics as possible. Brainstorming is one-way students can get new ideas of the topics they need to talk about on paper. When a student sees his ideas on paper, he gets the morale to do his assignments easily and smoothly. Brainstorming involves writing down in bulleting from the topic ideas that one has in mind. If one of the list topics is standing out more than other topics, he will have to select that topic.

Now a student may select a topic and end up writing another topic. It is perfectly normal for students. The whole is to pick a topic that interests you.


Another thing for the students to keep in mind is that when brainstorming, do not stress your mind. Give it a break when things get hard, then carry on after a while.

Safe Haven for MBA Applicants in Need of Help

Almost every career progression always results in some form of additional or higher education. For this reason, it becomes essential for people who want to progress their careers in commerce to pursue an MBA. Therefore, you have to settle on the correct academic institution to get your MBA before commencing the application process, where the MBA application essay applies.

The process of writing an MBA application essay often entails a lot. Therefore, you have to start by thinking of what you want to write concerning yourself in the essay. Here, you will have to consider every accomplishment under your belt. So try and mull over your weak and strong character traits, besides your objectives and methods of achieving them. In most cases, six to about twelve points can always do the trick, whenever you can.

Plenty of students will find it an arduous task to write essays about themselves for their MBA application. For this reason, almost all of them can struggle to piece together a compelling essay. However, you do not need to worry, as you can rely on hired writing services. Service offered always encompasses writing help, assistance with your topic selection questions, format guidance, etc.

Writing Help from Online Services

One of the key advantages of using an online writing service is to develop your MBA application essay entails saving time and getting a quality write-up to secure you that MBA admission.   You will always get a writing assistant who can guide you whenever you have questions or write a piece for you using your instructions.

Additionally, the company comes across as unique based on how original their work comes, as they write the essay from scratch. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find any two MBA application essays with similarities as much as the structure will come very similar. Additionally, you stand very little chance of getting penalized for plagiarism. For this reason, the amount you pay for the essay becomes fair and a no-brainer.

The writing company conducts due diligence when it comes to hiring writers as part of their virtual custom writing group. Therefore, you can bank on their efficiency besides their ability to perform under pressure, which the company checks for before hiring them. Additionally, their proficiency in the English language also gets checked besides other relevant aspects like prose.

Therefore, the writing capacity ensures that clients can get quality essay writing service within short bursts of turnaround time.  It can include a few hours or even an hour whenever it comes to an emergency. Additionally, the company offers excellent customer support that proves pivotal in taking care of their writing needs. Everything revolves around the customer and their needs, and this requires a depth at understanding the customer. Therefore, you will find the company’s representatives proving efficient and warm to customers around the clock when answering questions, responding to emails, and chatting online or on the phone. To cap it all, every client gets a personalized approach, enhancing the quality of writing service.


Students can get MBA essay writing services for a fee from online companies, provided the search proves productive. A good writing company can prove pivotal in ensuring your application essay goes through. So consider the guidelines provided in the article to make a sound decision regarding this crucial application process.

Basic Steps to Follow When Writing an Essay

Writing an essay has some requirements every student must consider. You can’t just start writing out of nowhere. Proper organization is the key to succeeding in essay writing. As much as it is a challenging task, you can gain more points if you follow the required steps. Sometimes, tutors start checking the paper from how you have presented it. If the essay doesn’t have well-highlighted steps, be sure to lose at some point. If you are a student and want to write the best paper, include the following steps kindly provided by team, and everything else will fall into place.

  1. Picking a topic

Like we mentioned before, you can’t start writing out of anywhere. You must understand what you need to write about. This means that you must have a topic to research. At times, the teacher can give you the subject while getting the topic on your own. If your tutor gives you the topic, then you move to the next step. However, if you have to select the subject, you must think well before settling on one. There are thoughts you must make before you pick the topic. First of all, ensure it fulfills the purpose of the essay. Next, the subject should give you adequate resources to get the content. Once you have a topic that interests you, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Researching

Now that you have the topic, you need to gather materials you will use when generating content. Check in the library, textbooks, online, and other materials. Get as much content as possible. During the process, ensure you take some notes for reference later on.  Again, note down the quotes and the source so that you can easily retrieve them when the need arises.

  1. The outline

At this point, you have your topic and research materials. Do not start writing the essay direct. Instead, create a rough draft of how you will structure your final paper. You can include as many ideas as possible because you will filter irrelevant information later.

  1. Actual writing

Start writing your essay at this point. You have everything simplified, and all you need to do is to write. Do not focus on grammar and related mistakes because there is time to correct them.

  1. Proofreading and Editing

No matter how careful you can be, some mistakes will always pass the eye when writing. Never submit your work without checking for such errors. Ensure the sentences make sense and the grammar is straightforward. All the verbs, nouns, adverbs, and other grammar requirements should be appropriately placed in the document. Other mistakes include the punctuations like the use of commas and apostrophes. Always check for such minor errors to maintain good grades.

Finally, check for plagiarism. If you deliver plagiarized work, be sure to get some severe punishment. Some professors will even expel you from school. Make sure you give credits to all the quotes in your essay. Otherwise, using other people’s quotes as yours is plagiarism.

Being True to Yourself When Writing a College Essay

Students find writing a personal statement essay challenging. There is an essential aspect of student’s admission requirements to the college. It sets apart the student from another applicant with the same qualifications. Typical college essays offer the student five topics from which they choose what to write. The composition may need students to demonstrate their personalities, achievements, and past experiences. An easy may also be an opportunity for the students to tell a story about why they consider themselves unique and exciting. However, they can also choose to hire a professional at a site that writes essays for you.

How do you ensure that you are right to yourself in the essay writing process? Here are some suggestions that will help you reflect on who you are during the essay writing process.

When You Are Getting Started, Practice The Following:

  • Take Away the Pressure

You can choose to work on your essay during the summer before you get to senior year class.

  • Have The Personal Qualities for Expressing in Your Writing

Jot down all the qualities that you may need to write. You can do it by yourself or have somebody who knows you well assist you to do it. Develop a list showing who you are, what you achieved in the past, or who are you intending to become.

  • Select an Essay Topic That Is Interesting To You

Read carefully through the essay topics and select a topic that you find fun.  A good topic should create humor as you write on it.

As You Write, Consider The Following:

  • Be Yourself in Writing

The college admission intends to know your personality and determine whether you suit their school environment and culture. You, therefore, don’t need to try fixing yourself to what the admissions what to here. Try as much as possible to be yourself as you write.

  • Narrate a Story

Telling a story may be easier if you first narrate it to somebody before writing it down. Using such a strategy will make you write a more genuine essay about yourself.

  • Concentrate On an Idea or Experience

An admissions office would like to read about a specific unique thing that describes you. It will be useless to have a long list of an essay describing things that are within your interest.

From The Beginning to The Final Essay Draft, Do The Following:

  • Read Your Essay, Objectively

Take some time away from your essay and come back to it with a fresh eye. Revise your essay and let a neutral person help you going through it, pinpointing areas of adjustments.

  • Carefully Proofread Your Short Answers and Essay

Never rely on the spelling check to locate errors in your document. Have a different person read your essay and make corrections to areas with mistakes.

  • Maintain A Positive Tone in Your Essay

An admission officer is not interested in reading an essay full of criticism and complaining. Maintain a positive tone in your writing. Focus on positive aspects or leans you learned in a challenging environment.

  • Avoid Bragging

Concentrate on what you achieved or accomplished. Dot gives a narration of how good you were to succeed.


Essays are an essential aspect of your application process to college. Invest your time in it and ensure you present a true reflection of yourself.

Help with Professional Opinion Essay Writing

Think about writing an essay where you are allowed to state your view on a given subject. That is what we call an opinion essay. Well, it may sound direct and easy to write but there are a few tricks and tips to apply for the successful delivery of this type of assignment. First of all, it is good to remember that despite being your opinion, it should be based on facts backed up by research.  Your thoughts on a given subject define this type of essay.

As you prepare to write this type of essay, you should look for relevant examples and sources to back up your explanations. Make sure you have enough knowledge of the topics, definitions and other requirements before you begin your writing. Your opinion will only make sense if you have done your research and supported it with credible evidence.

Tips to write an opinion essay 

Take time to understand the type of assignment you have been given to write. This is a golden rule for any type of work that you will ever do. For that reason, here are important tips to follow through:

  • Understand Your Topic. It all begins here. Your opinion should be made from a well-informed point of view. If you don’t know much about something, you will most likely not give an honest opinion. For that reason, you need to take time and understand your topic and tell your readers what you think about the topic.
  • Introduce the topic. Prior to writing your opinion, a general introduction to the topic is required. You should shed some light on the topic and introduce your audience to the subject. At this point, you will state the topic as it is before picking a perception about it.
  • Write a thesis statement. Once you have introduced the topic, you can state the opinion you have concerning the subject matter. This should come as the last statement of your introduction. Here, your audience should be able to see the direction you will be taking throughout the essay.
  • Write body paragraphs with supporting evidence. Your audience already knows the direction you are taking. What next? Well, you need to explain your position on the subject matter. The best way to make it credible is by providing facts and evidence of why your opinion stands.
    Organize your body section into points per paragraph while tagging along with reliable evidence and support. This is what will help you make a strong argument concerning the given topic.
  • Write your conclusion. Your essay is not complete without a conclusion. Revisit your thesis statement and let the reader see how you managed to make your opinion valid.

Final Thoughts 

Your opinion essay is a great opportunity to argue your case concerning a given matter. However, it is important to know that your opinion will only be valid if you can manage this by providing supporting evidence to your standpoint. Make use of these tips to write your opinion essay professionally.  

5 Ways of Writing a Great Business School Essay

If you want to apply for a business school, you have to be ready for a positive or negative reply. For you to make it, you have to make sure that you write an interesting paper. Your GPA is not a guarantee that you will get accepted into any business school. You can have a GPA of 4 but still, fail to get a chance. Even if you have substantial numbers and your writing is low, there is no way you will be selected. The essay you write is the only thing that can make you enter your choice of business school. You have to ensure that you take your time when it comes to answering the questions.

Tips for Writing the Best MBA Essay

  1. Be Authentic

When writing an application essay, you have to know it is about you. Do not think about what the admission committee wants to see. Put yourself first. The main reason for writing the essay is for them to know you better. You have to discover yourself and know everything that will help you come up with a perfect paper. You have to open your heart and say things that make you vulnerable so that the committee knows your p[perfectly. You have to be genuine because your essay’s tone is enough to tell the readers if you are lying or telling the truth. You love singing, go ahead and mention it there. If you are a joker and enjoy cracking jokes, write it there so that the officers can laugh as they read your paper. Do not hide your real self when you can get an opportunity by using what you have.

  1. Be Unique

If you want to get a chance when it comes to application, make sure you are unique. There is no way they will choose you if you use the same common words as other students. Please do not talk about the old things students write about all the time on their paper. Try and talk about something new to the committee; that way, your chances will be high. You have to take it as a competition. Not everyone will get an application. They will go with the best and nothing other than that, for you to be among the few people you have to be original. Do thorough research so that you can talk about different things that people do not know. Do not insist too much on something you are sure the committee knows. Instead, put pressure on things that will make them learn. You can capture their attention by writing new things. Make sure you answer the questions in a way that will not give them a chance of thinking twice about your paper.

  1. Be Specific

If you are specific, you make your paper enjoyable and credible at the same time. If you are giving out certain information, make sure you make the readers understand. Do not write shallow points that will leave the committee thinking and asking each other questions. If you are trying to explain a fact, make sure you write down all the necessary points to understand them easily. If you are mentioning the name of a hospital, you have to add the location to know.

  1. Know the Difference

Put in mind that each business school is different in its way. They can never be the same because the rules are different. When you explain your love for business, you have to give them reasons why you want to join them. You have to write points about why you have an interest in joining that particular institution. Do not start comparing schools because that will not give them any reason to pick you. Stay professional and defend yourself positively by saying the right things.

  1. Take Time to Write Your Statement

For you to have a perfect paper, you need to take your time. Nothing comes easy. When you stick that in your mind, you will push harder without thinking of the time you spend on your paper. You will take so much time to write your essay. There will be mistakes you will have to correct now and then. You will be thinking about different ideas daily that will help in making your paper better. If you want to have a classic piece, take a maximum of six weeks, and you will be good to go.

Essay Subjects on Nutrition

The topic of food and diet is an essential area of human existence. It is, therefore, integral to many individuals all over the world regardless of preferences. So how would you develop your knowledge in the area of nutrition? One easy way is to write an essay about it so that you improve your knowledge.

Examples of Essay Subjects

Everyone has learned something about food and diets from the very basic levels of schooling right up to college.  But diets and food isn’t everyone’s forte when it comes to writing essays. Are you anxious about coming up with a nutrition and food essay subject? Consider the following subjects to give you the right springboard.

  • The Debate on Sugar
  • A Healthy Low Fat Diet for the Heart
  • The Sweet Demise?
  • Ample Nutrition in Vegan Diets
  • Juvenile Nutrition
  • Getting Aged and Nutrition: Annotation on Three Articles
  • Liquor and Diet: Do the Risks Prevail over the Benefits?
  • Cell and Animal Models for Human Diet
  • Of Package Accuracy and Diet Charts 
  • Simple Instructions for Nutrition
  • Advantages of Upholding Nutrition
  • Profits from Veganism
  • WIC Program and Breastfeeding 
  • Reveling The School Diet Month 
  • Kid Diet.
  • Childhood Obesity: Probable grounds and solutions
  • The Probable Future of Chocolate in the Wellbeing Food Aisle
  • Reliability of the Nationwide Lunch Program in Schools.
  • Crafting a Way out
  • Crops for Enhanced Nourishment
  • Developing Nutrition and Food Learning Program
  • Food and Nourishment
  • World’s Nutrition and Diet
  • Misconceptions on Diet
  • Nutritional Rules for The Diet Needs of Particular Populations and American Health Fears. 
  • Eating Behaviors in Adolescents
  • Nutritional Effects on Educational Performance
  • Fast Food Diet: The Ugly, the good, and the Bad
  • USA’s Food Insecurity Situation
  • Food Approvals for Life: Diet
  • Food Prohibitions
  • Can Gender Roles Impact Nutrition?
  • Genetically Modified Crops: Their Perspective Usage for Upgrading Human Nutrition
  • Geriatric Diet Valuation: The Significance of Patient´s Diet Status
  • Student Guide for Chasing an Occupation in Nutrition
  • Benefits and Guidelines of Teen Nutrition: Queries and Solutions
  • Having a Decent Diet in School
  • Nutrition and Health Outcomes on Cognition
  • Nutrition and Health Assessment Survey
  • Health, Nutrition, and Safety.
  • Healthy Picks and Obstacles of Diet Education
  • Nutrition Tips on a Healthy Diet 
  • Healthy Foodstuff is Superior to Junk Food
  • History and Significance of Potato Amid Countless Cultures
  • The Extent Bad Nutrition Will Go
  • Effect of MSG, Synthetic Hormones, and Negative Effect on Children
  • How to Impart Kids with the Benefits of Diet and Exercise
  • Famine and Deprived Nutrition: Challenges Millions of People Face Causing Incapacities and Death
  • India’s Student Nutrition and Hygiene. 
  • Is it Worthwhile, or is it Hype?
  • Athletics and Nutrition
  • Significance of Upholding an Appropriate Body Weight
  • Refining Nutrition and Health. 
  • Enhancing Student Nutrition and Health.
  • Insufficient Nutrition at Home. 
  • Integrating Non-verbal Messaging in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Better Nutrition Education and Physical Activity Will Decrease Childhood Obesity.
  • The Place Red Meat Occupies in a Well-adjusted Diet
  • The Pregnancy Stages and Nutrition through the Period of Your Gestation.
  • Range Vitality
  • Teenage Nutrition Today.
  • Understanding Nutrition and Health.
  • Harmful Dieting
  • Vegan Diets and Effects On Nutrition and Health.
  • Vegetarianism: The New Drive in Nutrition
  • Vegetarianism: The Vegetarian’s Handbook to a Noble Nutrition
  • Integral Role Nutrition Plays
  • Nutrition and Vitamins
  • Weight Loss
  • Diets for Cats
  • Nutrition and Reasons for Its Importance
  • The Impact of Sleep and Nutrition to the Learning Process
  • The Significance of a Noble Childhood Nutrition
  • The Significance of Nutrition and Diet
  • The Significance of Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy
  • The Significance of Fruits in a Balanced Diet.


Checking out the catalog of possible essay subjects will ease your writing process. But for a proper essay, you need to research the subjects properly before you start writing. Understand and prepare adequately after picking a topic.

Pro Tips on Writing an Essay About Trust

Trust is important in our everyday life, living in the world these days is difficult because people no longer trust each other. This is why being dishonest causes unimaginable problems that can lead to different negative situations. In our generation, there is always something people are lying about. Some people lie about the tiniest things. Always have it at the back of your heart that if you are a liar, the truth will come out one day and if you do not lie, you will live with a clean conscience.

Dealing truthfully with people is important as lying does not do anyone good and also it does not solve anything. Situations worsen and problems spring up when the truth comes out after lying. Most people get hurt emotionally when they discover they have been lied to. Lies can break friendships and relationships, while trust can strengthen the bond people have.

Trust Essay: What You Should Know About The Importance of Trust 

Having a clean conscious comes with always saying the truth. It is one of the best things you can have. Friendship with close ones, relationships with loved ones, interactions with colleagues are some of the situations that require trust. Honesty is also important as honesty is the major foundation for trust, and most relationships are built on trust. 

Trust in our daily life should be one of our important values; it should be a lifestyle. Dishonesty can be found in every aspect of our being. It’s unfortunate that people no longer look out for each other, people lie to get a position, favor, promotion, etc. 

Leading an honest lifestyle is difficult in a world full of lies, corruption, and secrets. Because of all these, someone who has traits of a trustworthy person usually stands out among others.

Being trustworthy may inspire others to start incorporating it into their lifestyle. The only person that has control over your integrity and honesty is you. Trust in our family is essential because we have lived with them from birth to maturity. They know when we are happy, sad, going through situations, etc. Trust in your family to always have your back in all spheres of life because it doesn’t come cheap. You should always have their backs too. 

We exhibit trust even when we don’t know. A simple thing like getting on a plane requires trust. You trust that the plane is made well and the pilot is competent. Going to a restaurant requires a level of trust, as you trust that you will not be poisoned, the food is prepared properly so you will not get sick after consumption. Trust is knowing that in whatever situation you find yourself, you can count on someone to always be there for you, trust is important to have but quite difficult to keep. 

Pay a Professional to Write a Trust Essay for You 

While you can write a trust paper following the sample above, you can always get cheap professional writing help online. The providers of this writing help will be happy to pick the topic for your trust essay and write the entire paper for you.

How to draft personal strengths and weaknesses essay

We, humans, are unique in a special way. But there is no human being on earth that is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The only thing is that most people are good at masking their shortcomings than others. 

However, weaknesses are traits one needs to overcome. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. In this post, you will discover tips on how to write your personal strengths and weaknesses essay. However, if you feel you need professional writing help, then you can progress with that. You will find quality writers who can give you a well-written paper on the said topic at a cheap rate. 

Now, whether you are bent on hiring a professional or prefer writing your essay, you will find this post helpful, so make out time to read it. 

Tip #1 – Reread the instructions

Every assignment goes with instructions that the grader will undoubtedly focus on when marking the paper. So it is best to follow instructions and answer all the questions that your professor wants you to address when writing. Remember that not following instructions can cost you some marks. 

So, make sure you reread the instructions and ask questions to get a better understanding of the requirements. 

Tip #2 – Make a long list of strengths

Your personal strengths and weaknesses essay covers two areas, which are your strengths and weaknesses. And despite that, you don’t have to write about the two terms simultaneously. First, dwell on your strengths. What are those traits you have that made you achieve XYZ result? Those are your strengths. 

At this point, you have to take some time to brainstorm. Think about all your strengths and list them out. And remember, this is not the time to focus only on your biggest strengths and cut out the little ones. Just mention everything, so that you can make a proper selection. 

Tip #3 – Turn heads with your achievement

Listing your strengths alone is like telling people you have six-packs without giving them the chance to see them. Talk is cheap, and if you want people to take you seriously, you have to provide visible evidence. 

It’s not enough to list out a bunch of strengths without linking them to something tangible. Assuming you wrote that you have strong time management skills. Now the question is, what have you achieved with that? Let your readers know about them.

Tip #4 – Make a long list of your weaknesses

Remember, you are asked to write about your strengths and weaknesses. So, after writing about your strengths, the next should be your weaknesses. 

Now start by drafting a long list of all the traits considered to be your weaknesses. Then after that, you can start writing your paper. You should also include how you managed to overcome your weaknesses by mentioning the practical steps you took.


The personal strengths and weaknesses essay look simple. But keep in mind that this form of essay is a bit dicey. There are many areas the grader wants you to focus on when writing. You also need to deliver a paper that is captivating and well-structured. However, if you feel drafting this type of essay would be difficult, you can seek professional assistance.

Quality Topics for an ‘Animal Farm’ Essay

The following essay topics are great high school and college-level literature courses. Students are encouraged to choose something they feel comfortable writing about while still challenging themselves to think critically and form a persuasive argument.

Easy Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. A major issue in the novel deals with letting problems escalate before facing them. To this point, the characters often leave these problems beyond repair. What specific issues could have been fixed if it wasn’t for the animals’ ignorance of them?
  2. In what ways does Orwell reveal the ignorance of the working class? Is he critical of the working class’s tendency to allow a ruling class continues to control and benefit from workers?
  3. Why did the animals rebel against the farm’s owners? Is this representative of the Russian Revolution?

Intermediate Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. How did the pigs assume power over the other animals? How were they able to outsmart the other animals into putting them in charge of resources and the decision-making process? What does this say about what Orwell thinks are the most important qualities in leaders?
  2. Are any of the characters in Animal Farm viewed as protagonists? How does Orwell generate sympathy for characters like Old Major?
  3. What does the windmill symbolize? Why is this important in defining how the humans who were exiled at the beginning of the novel? How do the novel’s animals who take over the farm adopt the symbolism?

Hard Animal Farm Essay Prompts

  1. What case does Orwell make for corruption among a group’s leaders? Does he claim that corruption is inevitable among people who possess power?
  2. What do you think Orwell was trying to say about class division? Does he make the case that people are generally inclined to separate themselves according to class? How important is wealth in his portrayal of class division?

Animal Farm Essay Questions

  1. How different are Napoleon and Snowball’s leadership qualities? How do these qualities generate the support each one needs to stay in power?
  2. How closely does the novel relate to the events that occurred in Russia when it went from a monarchy to a communist society? Is Orwell being overly critical of that country’s politics?
  3. Analyze the 7 Commandments written and put into law. How do they evolve during the course of the story and how do they keep the pigs in power of the rest of the animals?

Animal Farm Themes Essay

  1. What do you believe is the central theme of the novel? How does the world’s political climate at the time of the novel’s publication affect the way you interpret Animal Farm’s central theme?
  2. Are the novel’s main themes still relevant in today’s world? Consider the historic events that led to the fall of communist rule in Russia.

You can alter these prompts in any way you like. You can also have our professional academic writers create a unique list for you. Just let us know what it is you need and we will provide you with interesting topics you can use for any type of assignment.