The following essay topics are great high school and college-level literature courses. Students are encouraged to choose something they feel comfortable writing about while still challenging themselves to think critically and form a persuasive argument.

Easy Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. A major issue in the novel deals with letting problems escalate before facing them. To this point, the characters often leave these problems beyond repair. What specific issues could have been fixed if it wasn’t for the animals’ ignorance of them?
  2. In what ways does Orwell reveal the ignorance of the working class? Is he critical of the working class’s tendency to allow a ruling class continues to control and benefit from workers?
  3. Why did the animals rebel against the farm’s owners? Is this representative of the Russian Revolution?

Intermediate Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. How did the pigs assume power over the other animals? How were they able to outsmart the other animals into putting them in charge of resources and the decision-making process? What does this say about what Orwell thinks are the most important qualities in leaders?
  2. Are any of the characters in Animal Farm viewed as protagonists? How does Orwell generate sympathy for characters like Old Major?
  3. What does the windmill symbolize? Why is this important in defining how the humans who were exiled at the beginning of the novel? How do the novel’s animals who take over the farm adopt the symbolism?

Hard Animal Farm Essay Prompts

  1. What case does Orwell make for corruption among a group’s leaders? Does he claim that corruption is inevitable among people who possess power?
  2. What do you think Orwell was trying to say about class division? Does he make the case that people are generally inclined to separate themselves according to class? How important is wealth in his portrayal of class division?

Animal Farm Essay Questions

  1. How different are Napoleon and Snowball’s leadership qualities? How do these qualities generate the support each one needs to stay in power?
  2. How closely does the novel relate to the events that occurred in Russia when it went from a monarchy to a communist society? Is Orwell being overly critical of that country’s politics?
  3. Analyze the 7 Commandments written and put into law. How do they evolve during the course of the story and how do they keep the pigs in power of the rest of the animals?

Animal Farm Themes Essay

  1. What do you believe is the central theme of the novel? How does the world’s political climate at the time of the novel’s publication affect the way you interpret Animal Farm’s central theme?
  2. Are the novel’s main themes still relevant in today’s world? Consider the historic events that led to the fall of communist rule in Russia.

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