Students find writing a personal statement essay challenging. There is an essential aspect of student’s admission requirements to the college. It sets apart the student from another applicant with the same qualifications. Typical college essays offer the student five topics from which they choose what to write. The composition may need students to demonstrate their personalities, achievements, and past experiences. An easy may also be an opportunity for the students to tell a story about why they consider themselves unique and exciting. However, they can also choose to hire a professional at a site that writes essays for you.

How do you ensure that you are right to yourself in the essay writing process? Here are some suggestions that will help you reflect on who you are during the essay writing process.

When You Are Getting Started, Practice The Following:

  • Take Away the Pressure

You can choose to work on your essay during the summer before you get to senior year class.

  • Have The Personal Qualities for Expressing in Your Writing

Jot down all the qualities that you may need to write. You can do it by yourself or have somebody who knows you well assist you to do it. Develop a list showing who you are, what you achieved in the past, or who are you intending to become.

  • Select an Essay Topic That Is Interesting To You

Read carefully through the essay topics and select a topic that you find fun.  A good topic should create humor as you write on it.

As You Write, Consider The Following:

  • Be Yourself in Writing

The college admission intends to know your personality and determine whether you suit their school environment and culture. You, therefore, don’t need to try fixing yourself to what the admissions what to here. Try as much as possible to be yourself as you write.

  • Narrate a Story

Telling a story may be easier if you first narrate it to somebody before writing it down. Using such a strategy will make you write a more genuine essay about yourself.

  • Concentrate On an Idea or Experience

An admissions office would like to read about a specific unique thing that describes you. It will be useless to have a long list of an essay describing things that are within your interest.

From The Beginning to The Final Essay Draft, Do The Following:

  • Read Your Essay, Objectively

Take some time away from your essay and come back to it with a fresh eye. Revise your essay and let a neutral person help you going through it, pinpointing areas of adjustments.

  • Carefully Proofread Your Short Answers and Essay

Never rely on the spelling check to locate errors in your document. Have a different person read your essay and make corrections to areas with mistakes.

  • Maintain A Positive Tone in Your Essay

An admission officer is not interested in reading an essay full of criticism and complaining. Maintain a positive tone in your writing. Focus on positive aspects or leans you learned in a challenging environment.

  • Avoid Bragging

Concentrate on what you achieved or accomplished. Dot gives a narration of how good you were to succeed.


Essays are an essential aspect of your application process to college. Invest your time in it and ensure you present a true reflection of yourself.

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