For every research paper in all schools, the first thing that a student must do is to try to understand the assignment he has. If the student does not do this, he will experience a lot of difficulty approaching the question. Another problem caused by not understanding the question is that the student will waste a great deal of time writing wrong answers. It is not the time for students to shy away, but this is when students approach their instructors if they have any burning questions about the assignment. Once you understand the topic, you will focus your mind on other parts of the assignment, i.e., selecting a topic and identifying your audience.

Challenging moments

Students will often encounter two or more challenges when selecting a good topic for their research. There is that situation when the instructor gives the students a variety of topics to choose from. For it is not hard to choose a topic since the topics are already there. But you have to select a topic that you have an interest in. all these topics that the lecturer has given you to choose from are credible, so whatever topic you choose is fine. Many students who are researching for the first time find this method very easy because they do not have to stress their minds to find topics that are best suited for them. It also cuts down the time taken to come with the topics.

This kind of method topic assignment is also limiting at some point. Because the topics may not suit the student’s interests, if you have such a problem, you should go to the lecturer and explain your problem to him in a respectful manner. You can give him your list of topics and ask him if your topics are appropriate for the assignment. Remember that your research knowledge is still low, and the instructor’s knowledge is more advanced than yours. So there may be reasons for selecting the topics. Trust that your instructor has good interests for you. If your instructor selects one of the topics you have well and good, but if he refused to accept the topics, then do not be angry with the instructor but rather select another one from the instructor’s list that you may interest in.

Another situation can be when the instructor gives you a research assignment, and then you have to look for s topic yourself. When the instructor does this, the students have to be very vigilant in selecting the topic because they have to be very credible and valid. For every student who is doing a course or studying, they have to put in their minds that instructors also give assignments without giving them the topics. When you have that theory in mind, you can start brainstorming on the topics you think you are interested in. Do not worry that you do not know about selecting the desired research topic because being experienced in research requires hard work and patience.

Methods of coming up with a topic

There is no need to panic here. To overcome this part, one needs to think early because when you think early, there is a high chance that you will start early. If students begin to brainstorm about the topics they intend to do early, it gives them enough time to come up with as many topics as possible. Brainstorming is one-way students can get new ideas of the topics they need to talk about on paper. When a student sees his ideas on paper, he gets the morale to do his assignments easily and smoothly. Brainstorming involves writing down in bulleting from the topic ideas that one has in mind. If one of the list topics is standing out more than other topics, he will have to select that topic.

Now a student may select a topic and end up writing another topic. It is perfectly normal for students. The whole is to pick a topic that interests you.


Another thing for the students to keep in mind is that when brainstorming, do not stress your mind. Give it a break when things get hard, then carry on after a while.

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